Aluminum Roof Ventilation Covers

Roof Ventilation Covers
Roof Ventilation Covers

As a large and experienced metal spinning shop in business for 50+ years, at H & H Manufacturing & Metal Spinning Inc. we have the skills and resources to handle projects of any size or difficulty. This project involved the production of an extra-large roof vent cover measuring 69.75" in diameter x 18.0" in depth, a perfect job for us due to our large diameter spinning capacity. Also, with our background in manufacturing a wide range of finished shapes, we have accumulated a vast library of standard tooling. We use this tooling whenever possible, as we did on this job, to save the client both the time and expense of building custom tools.

One of the challenging aspects of this job fell to our procurement specialists, who worked quickly to locate a metals center in the area capable of supplying us with oversize diameter aluminum blanks. Once we obtained the blanks of 0.090" aluminum, we used our large capacity spin lathe to shape the work piece, taking measurements and monitoring quality at various checkpoints to maintain consistency.

We manufactured 10 of these large roof vent covers with a blemish free brushed finish within 20 working days. The client appreciated the quality workmanship and was especially pleased to have avoided the cost of tooling. Although metal spinning tooling costs are significantly less compared to other metal forming methods, not incurring the tooling expense at all was a money-saving proposition. On a project as unique as this one, using our standard tooling saved this client $10,000, which significantly decreased their unit cost on an order that consisted of only 10 work pieces. Contact us directly if are interested in learning more about our large diameter metal spinning capabilities.

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Roof Ventilation Cover Highlights

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Large Diameter Spin Lathe
Tightest Tolerances (±)
0.500 in
Industry for Use
Volume (Parts)
Delivery/Turnaround Time
20 Working Days
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

Overall Part Dimensions

Overall Part Diameter
69.75 in
Overall Part Depth
18 in


Material Used
Material Thickness
0.090 in
Material Finish
Brushed Metal Finish
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