Aluminum Table Tops

Metal Spun Aluminum Table Tops
Metal Spun Aluminum Table Tops

The brushed aluminum table tops highlighted here demonstrates how our team at H & H Manufacturing & Metal Spinning Inc. uses diversified capabilities to provide customers with finished goods that exhibit an exceptional level of quality. In addition to being metal spinning specialists, our capabilities include a number of additional services to add features and finishes to manufactured products.

Spun aluminum tables are a popular choice for public area dining. Restaurant and retail businesses, municipalities, parks, recreational facilities, and other entities with either indoor or outdoor eating spaces find them very affordable. Durable and corrosion resistant, aluminum tables are light in weight and easy to move around, they are also easy to clean. We manufactured these tabletops in two different sizes; one measures 30.0" in diameter and the other 48.0" in diameter. Both were constructed from 0.125" thick aluminum and feature 1.25" deep rimmed edges and brush finished surfaces.

Along with metal spinning, production involved laser cutting. H & H Manufacturing & Metal Spinning was able to outsource the laser cutting thereby saving the customer additional time and management resources.

We worked with speed and agility to fulfill the order of 25 units in two weeks. With our large diameter spinning capabilities and proven track record for quality results, we continue to manufacture these tabletops and also supply this customer with many other products. Contact us directly to learn more about our metal spinning capabilities and the secondary services we offer.

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Aluminum Table Top Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Metal Spinning
Laser Jet Configuration
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Metal Spinning Lathe
Laser Jet
Tightest Tolerances (±)
0.030 in
Industry for Use
Public Areas
Volume Per Order
25 units
Delivery/Turnaround Time
10 to 15 Working Days

Overall Part Dimensions

Overall Part Diameter
30 in
48 in
Overall Part Depth
1.25 in


Material Used
Material Thickness
0.125 in
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